Cool cat.

Ohh shit, I hope fucking Sookie dies in the last ep. I’m perhaps a bad person but who fucking cares, they are horrible people for writing this shit.

Ok, well that was funny at least.

Jason is such a dumbass, I think he’s a funny airhead and all but damn, man. Keep it in your fucking pants, that’s Hoyt’s recent ex for fucks sake! Do you not recall how well that went over the last time?

The only thing that True Blood could do to redeem itself to me at this point is have the finale be Pam murdering everybody and then sashaying off into the moonlight. Bonus points if they resurrect Tara so she can smart mouth them all before Pam offs them.

Browsing through the tags I’m noticing that the fandom is becoming exponentially pervier as the hiatus drags on…

This episode makes me want to punch Angela Robinson in the boob.

Beyonce just came onto my Spotify ‘Gang of Four’ radio station. What the actual fuck???